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  1. Mote Park Watersports Centre
  2. Bring your Own Equipment and Membership

Launching your own equipment at Mote Park

In order to launch at Mote Park you do NOT need to pre book. If there is adverse weather we recommend contacting the centre to make sure the centre will be open. We are open everyday from 10am onwards throughout the year but if in doubt feel free to get in contact. To use your own craft on Mote Park lake there is a daily craft launch of just £6 per craft for the entire day (providing the centre is open). 

The alternate option is you can purchase our membership which is £54 per craft for the calendar year (from the date of purchase until the 31st December). This provides you unlimited launch access throughout the year (providing the centre is open). When using your membership the named person must be on site (you cannot give your board to a family or friend without the named person being on site).

All water users must use Personal Flotation Aid, for example a Buoyancy Aid or a leash (for paddleboarders only). If you lose or forget these items you can hire them from the centre if required for £5 per item for the duration of your stay.

We highly recommend purchasing either Craft Insurance or Public Liability just in case your personal equipment gets damaged whilst on the water as Mote Park Watersports Centre and its staff are not liable for any damages.

Where can I go on Mote Park Lake?

When you are out on Mote Park Lake you have free roam over a vast majority of the lake (up to 40 acres!). The exceptions are you cannot go under the bridge at one end of the lake as on the other side there is a nature reserve. The other areas you cannot go into are the Model Boat Club area and the Bird Feeding Zone which are designated with white marker buoys. These areas will be pointed out before launch by a staff member.

Our General Hire area is within the yellow marker buoyed area which is regulated by Mote Park Watersports Centre staff. You are allowed to go past these marker buoys providing you are on your own equipment and not centre equipment.

 Where can I launch my own craft?

When launching and landing your craft you MUST do so from our quayside area. We have plenty of quayside space with two jetties and two slipways to launch and land from. Please do not launch and land in alternate locations as you are at risk of harming yourself as well as your equipment.

When launching your own equipment you are able to park at the Watersports centre itself. This is accessible from the Maidstone Park and Ride entrance on Willington Street. This can NOT be used if you are not launching your own equipment and are visiting the park for other purposes. Further directions can be provided by a staff member if required.

Annual lake licences can be purchased from Mote Park Watersports Centre. Please contact the centre for more details.



  • Please let a member of staff when you are launching and landing
  • You can not use your membership or day launch for commercial use. Anyone using membership or day launch for commercial or suspected commercial use will be asked to leave and banned from the lake. No refunds will be given.
  • You must have a Buoyant Aid when on the water - this could be a Buoyancy Aid or Leash (Leash for paddleboarders only)
  • Do not go under the bridge or the white marker buoy line
  • Fishing platforms are not be used for launching and landing apart from in an emergency
  • The lake is an average depth of 3ft with the deepest point being 6ft. Please pay paticular attention when near the edges of the lake
  • Any equipment used must be in good working condition - if in doubt please ask a staff member or follow manufacturer guidelines
  • We would recommend holding public liability insurance - Paddle UK Membership is the best way to get this
  • Opening hours vary dependant on weather and time of year. If in any doubt please contact the centre as we would like you to avoid a wasted journey