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  1. Mote Park Watersports Centre
  2. Schools and Groups

School Trips

Whether your school or group is visiting for an afternoon or a whole week, Mote Park Watersports Centre can host fun, exhilarating out of the classroom learning experiences for young people on the water. Sessions can be tailored to your needs, whether it is a multi-activity fun day or specific topic related learning.

Multi activity fun days are a great way for young people to experience a number of watersports in a fun, safe environment alongside their peers. This is a popular way of celebrating the end of term or school year

Accreditation based activities can be run to conform with a specific syllabus or for pupils to achieve awards and accreditation in a specific sport. We can teach Sailing and Kayaking to meet the requirements for GCSE, A-level, B-Tech and other qualifications.

We are able to adapt on the water sessions to suit the needs of your group, whether it be to slot in with your class times or running land based sessions covering Health and Safety, environmental and business aspects. Students can also work towards nationally recognised accreditation's in Sailing and Kayaking

Primary and Secondary Schools

Bookings for schools and youth groups are available all year round with the option of taking part in a wide variety of outward bounds sports such as Sailing, Kayaking, Raft-Building, Canoeing, Stand Up Paddle boarding, Peddle Boating, Bell Boating and Rowing.

We are fully registered with the Activity Adventure License Authority (AALA) and Kent County Council as a educational provider, we have full insurance for our activities.

Useful Information


- £12.00 per person per hour (lower termly and yearly prices available on request)
- Adult teachers / assistants participate for FREE on all of our sessions

We supply all of the equipment required to participate in our activities including buoyancy aids. We do not provide clothing or footwear.

Session participants MUST wear suitable clothing for being outdoors. Suitable closed-toe shoes that can get wet must also be worn. We have water shoes available to purchase for only £12 per pair. Please contact us to check availability of your shoe size.

All session participants do not have to be able to swim but they should be confident in water so they would not panic if they were to fall into the water wearing a buoyancy aid. 


Mote Park Watersports Centre is a fully accredited AALA and RYA centre. All of our instructors are fully qualified and experienced at working with young people. We provide all of the instructors, equipment and changing facilities required.


Example Sessions: 

1 hour session - 1 hour of any instructor led activity we offer (Except Scuba Diving and Sailing) - Available at any time. Please contact us to book.

2 hour session - 2 hours of any instructor led activities we offer (Except Scuba Diving) - Available at any time please contact us to book - Some of our popular slots are 10 am-12 pm or 1 pm-3 pm.

For example, if you book a session from 10am to 12noon, 10am could be an hour of kayaking and then 11am can be an hour of rowing.  

The same could be done with combinations - canoeing, bell boating (dragon boats), raftbuilding, stand up paddle boarding, orienteering, kayaking, rowing, peddle boats and sailing. Sailing requires a minimum of two hours for any group.  - If there are lower numbers we can put everyone on the same activity at the same time. If there are more than 30 young people in a group we might have to split the group so each half does a different activity and then, on the hour, they swap over.

(Activity and numbers depending)  Day session - 4 hours of any instructor led activities we offer (Except Scuba Diving)

- Available any day. An Example session could be 2 hours of activity from 10 am to 12 pm then 1 hour for lunch (not provided), then 2 hours of activity from 1 pm to 3 pm. - 

For example, you could do 1 hour of kayaking, 1 hour of stand up paddle boarding, then have lunch, then 1 hour pedal boating and then 1 hour rowing.

This will usually be 2 groups and then change on the hour. However, when we have very large groups (near 100 or more young people) we are able to run 4 activities side by side so the groups are smaller but everyone still participates in everything. 


Please note that whilst we do charge by volume that attend the sessions we work in multiples of 12. If you drop below 12 (or multiples of) if you have booked more you will charged at £20 per hour in order to cover the instructors costs (per instructor that has to be dropped)