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Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons


“We provide high quality structured swimming lessons based on the National scheme for children & adults, whatever your ability”.

All Instructors are Qualified, Insured & DBS checked

From Parent and baby, children and adult lessons available

Tailored lessons with weekly assessments

Year round tuition

Courses run for 30 minutes per lesson for 8 weeks

ASA national scheme certificates are available for all ages and abilities

Available Courses

Swimmer Staged Activity Badge

Swimmer Staged Activity Badge

Please contact the centre Beavers to Explorers

This section highlights the requirements for this badge

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Life Guarding

Life Guarding

Available on request

Life Guard training is available working towards National Pool Lifeguard  and National Beach Life Guard Awards.

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Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons

£156 1 to 1 lesson
£104 1 to 2 person

All Prices are based on an eight week course, at half hour lesson each week.

Location: Maidstone, Dartford and Bexleyheath

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Activities, Hire & Lessons

Swimming Terms and Conditions

See above
  1. Mote Park Watersports Centre, its owner and employees will not accept any liability whatsoever of any kind for personal injury or loss/damage of personal property sustained by participants during any time consumed in relation to any courses.
  2. Parents/Guardians not participating in lessons attended by their children (under 18 years) are required to remain within visual contact during lessons. Parents/ guardians may NOT leave their children while lessons are in operation.
  3. You give your consent that the swimming instructor may interact with you/your child, including physical contact where it is essential to support the pupil during the early stages of learning a skill for safety reasons, and also to aid development of the skill and technique (e.g. placing the pupil in the correct position/posture).
  4. Parents/Guardians not participating in lessons attended by their children (under 18 years) who wish to watch poolside, under any circumstances MUST NOT wear outdoor footwear unless with blue overshoes. Your payment for lessons is confirmation you accept full responsibility and agree to comply.
  5. Unless a member of the site, students (and parents/guardians for parent/baby lessons) must only enter the pool at the beginning of the booked swimming session, and vacate at the end of the lesson. Siblings, all other family members, friends or associates under NO CIRCUMSTANCES if non-members, may use the facilities whilst the respective booked client is under tuition.
  6. Any known medical conditions MUST be disclosed prior to the start of a course.
  7. Parents/Guardians not participating in lessons attended by their children (under 18 years) are required to sign the booking form giving permission for their children to participate.
  8. Courses run over an 8 week period. Payment MUST be made AT LEAST ONE WEEK PRIOR to the course start date, with all cheques made payable to Mote Park Watersports Centre.
  9. If payment is not received PRIOR to commencement of the course start date, and you remain to attend the lesson then an administration fee of £30.00 will be added to total lesson fees due. If fees are not received before week 2 of the course then you forfeit your placement for that course.
  10. If you wish not to continue lessons on a new course we must be notified in writing either by post or email prior to the course starting (see website for the start date of courses). You will be liable for the cost of an 8 week course should we not be given required notice.
  11. For those sharing a lesson (i.e. 2:1 ratio) when rebooking a new course, if your child’s other sharing client does not rebook, your lessons will automatically be charged as a 1:1 ratio unless either yourself (you the client) or ourselves (Mote Park Watersports Centre) are able to find another client to pair. Please be certain before the commencement of a course that you have someone to share with if you are requiring a 2:1 lesson.
  12. Payment is also confirmation that you agree to the terms and conditions. Mote Park Watersports Centre’s Terms and Conditions are not negotiable.
  13. Mote Park Watersports Centre may update the Terms and Conditions at any point without prior notice. You may view our terms and conditions at any time here at
  14. Once a course of lessons have begun to be consumed, if you/your child(ren) cannot attend a(ny) lesson(s) FOR WHATEVER REASON a refund will not be given, and the lesson(s) will be forfeited.
  15. If your regular teacher is unable to attend, it is at our discretion to arrange a cover instructor for the respective lesson without notice. If a teacher is unable to attend or the facilities for whatever reason are closed you will be notified with the earliest possible notice. Under no circumstances can credits be refunded by means of cheque or otherwise should you decide not to return for lessons in any following courses.