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  1. Mote Park Watersports Centre
  2. FAQ's


Frequently Asked Questions 


1) Do I have to book your pedalos or rowboats?

No, you do not need to book. All general hire is done on a first come first served basis (unless you are a large group). The only exception to this is boxing day where it is bookings only.

2) When are you open?

Here at Mote Park Watersports Centre we are open 7 days a week (weather permitting) all year round (excluding Christmas Day).

3) How can I pay? 

We accept Cards, Cash, Cheques and Bank transfer. 

4) Can I take dogs out on the water?

Of course. We are very dog friendly at Mote Park Watersports Centre.

5) How deep is the lake?

The deepest part of the lake that we use is about 6ft deep with a majority of the lake being between 2-3ft deep.

6) Are there fish in the lake?

Yes, there are a number of different fish in the lake as well as terrapins.

7) Is the water clean?

Yes, the water is regulated by the environmental agency. 

8) Why does the water look green/brown?

This is because it is a river. Many local spring fed lakes are not as clean as you think as there is no water movement. The River Len has continuous moving water in it and this disturbs the bottom. The River Len is fed into Mote Park from Leeds Castle and then onto the River Medway.

9) Where can I go on Mote Park Lake?

Launching your own craft from Mote Park Watersports Centre you have 100% access to all areas except the bird feeding area, model boat club area and must not go past the bridge. 

General boat hire is regulated by Mote Park Watersports Centre management subject to agreement with Maidstone Borough Council. 

10) Where can I launch my own craft?

You launch and land from Mote Park Watersports Centre. 

11) How do i get to you with my own equipment?

If you enter Mote Park via the Maidstone Park and Ride entrance on Willington Street you can drive to us from there.