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RYA Advanced Sailing

This second edition of the RYA Advanced Dinghy Sailing Handbook is designed to accompany the five advanced sailing modules in the RYA National Sailing Scheme; (Day Sailing, Seamanship skills, Sailing with Spinnakers, Start Racing and Performance Sailing).

There is an informative but easy to follow format which is packed full of detailed drawings and diagrams. This provides clear instruction on the different manoeuvres, and detailed explanations of relevant sailing theory.

An invaluable aid to anyone taking one of the RYA advanced sailing modules. It follows on from the first book in the series, the Start Sailing Handbook, and is the perfect progression for people who are hoping to improve their knowledge and skills.

  • Includes DVD
  • Clear, easy to follow diagrams and descriptions
  • Official course book for RYA Dinghy courses
  • Written by leading dinghy sailing experts 
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