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Gumotex Palava

The Palava is designed for touring and white water rapids (max grade 2)

The Gumotex Palava is a sporty 'canadian' style inflatable canoe for one or two paddlers. It is easy to paddle on flat or coastal water, but comes into it's own in white-water.

The Gumotex Palava is a very tough inflatable canadian canoe. It's rugged construction, sharp bow and longer body make it ideal for white-water for novices and experts alike. It features moveable rigid seats with thigh straps so the Pavlava can be paddled as a solo or a tandem, either sitting or kneeling. The rigid seats combined with the build quality of the Palava give it a very stiff shape once inflated, which make the Palava paddle really well on all types of water from lakes and estuaries to coastal waters and even white-water. There is adequate storage for overnight adventures and beyond, making the Palava a truly versatile craft.

Gumotex inflatables are made of their patented material NITRILON®
Material composition: high strength PES fibre with an outer layer of synthetic rubber and inner layer of a mixture based on natural rubber. The material is highly resistant to abrasion, aging and UV.

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