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  1. Mote Park Watersports Centre
  2. Maidstone Sailing Club
Sailing Club

All ages are welcome to participate in racing competitions and generally having fun!


£80 for full year / £50 for 6 months, for under 18yrs

£120 for full year / £70 for 6 months, for 18yrs & older


Every Saturday morning 9 til 12 noon

Rules and Regulations

Maidstone Sailing Club members may sail at other times of the week when Mote Park Watersports Centre is open, at a extra cost of £4 for the day, (this is only with Maidstone Sailing Club fees paid for that year) with your own craft. If a boat is needed, please contact to see the availability of the sailing boats. Maidstone Sailing Club Members receive a special rate of £5 for a days hire. A total of £9 would have to be made payable, to hire and to launch.

Maidstone Sailing Club members hiring a boat or have their own boat may take as many persons sailing with them at no extra cost on Mote Park Lake. The boat capacity must not exceed beyond the boats capacity.

Maidstone Sailing Club members must have a minimum of a RYA Sailing Level 1 or RYA Youth Stage 2 to join Maidstone Sailing Club. Experienced persons are able to join, as long as they are fully capable of being to sail up and down wind, at the discretion of Maidstone Sailing Club Commodore.

Maidstone Sailing Club members may NOT use the Watersports car park if you are just visiting Mote Park, public car parks are located around the park.

Maidstone Sailing Club members that have their own boats must have their own liability insurance for their boat.

Maidstone Sailing Club members must be aware that the terms and conditions may change without notice and must keep themselves aware of the updates on the website.

Using your own equipment

You must have public liability insurance for your craft. Daily or annual lake licences can be purchased from Mote Park Watersports Centre. We supply buoyancy aids, shower facilities and changing rooms. Phone to check availability and to book.


 If you are interested in any of the events please book through the centre.